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My Stila Hauled

Ok I know you girls been wanting to see my stila hauled for the past 2 weeks. I didn't want to freak you all out and well I manage to let go most of my items to girls who wanted them but couldn't get it at the counters anymore. I've since packed and set aside what's not mine and what I have left from stalking Stila counter. Each time I go, I am sure to buy something! arghh.. why do u have to leave Stila?! I won't go crazy like this if u're staying.

Well ok so this is my stuffs and I err.. lazy a bit to open everything up to take pic! imagine how many pictures would that be? one things for sure, i do have a lot of convertible eye colors and lip plumping glaze! hehehe..

OK I LIED.. I couldn't stop myself from taking more pictures once I started! that just shows how obsessed I am about Stila!!! arghh...

8 e/s pan with no.16 eyeshadow brush rm70
e/s pan rm25

Smudge Pot Trio RM70
Stila Smudge Pot RM35

lipsticks rm25

Lipglaze in Pon Pon Gerbera rm45
IT Lip Gloss in Energetic & Sweet rm30 each

I must show u my plumpin lip glazes!
(rm45 each)

I collected all 6 flavors muahaha!!!

my foundation powders & pressed powder
illuminating foundation refill rm40
whitening foundation refill rm40
illuminatin/whitening casings rm20
pressed powder rm40 (with casing)

ok friend bought from me already

treatment powder aka snow powder rm60
hydrating time released moisture rm60
illuminating tinted moisturizer rm60

Backstage Beauty Red Cartpet rm70

I love this day to night talking palette rm70

the talking palette guides u how to make up
from day to night look using these colors
(i test out the colors and they're nice!)
will swatch when have time

do u know the cover is a 3D stila girl
(this is Day Stila Girl)

this is Night Stila Girl
(suddenly so sexy, day time look like librarian only)

Talking Lip Palette RM70
(the front cover also 3D lips!!!)

all the red shades for the sexy lady
(lip smoother - to smoothen your lips b4 apply any of the red)

comes with lip brush hehe

someone asked how i got my brushes?
I got some on the first day of sales
and on restocking days at klcc & bu
(some during 3rd day of sales and nobody wanted)

don't be shock by my brushes collection
(i love brush no.27 so much i bought extras!)

the plus size "plastic surgery" tool rm70
(for slimming face! muahahaha)

comes with a guide to sculpt face/nose slimmer/etc

my eye stuffs rm35

my favorite stila item - cherry crush rm45
(it's a lip & cheek tint for a natural girly flush)
something like Benefit's Benetint

Petal Infusions's Eye Make up remover pads rm20

lastly more eye stuffs
convertible in onyx & stone rm45
kajal in pearl & tiger's eye rm35

before taking pic

OK that's it! it's 1.30am in the morning & my adrenalin is rushing like mad now because of blogging about this!! uh.. that's why I didn't want to post up about my hauled. I can't stop talking about it all and wanting to take more pics. However, this is what's left now. I've let go like 60% of what you see here. This is 40% haha mine. I am crazzy..crazzzzy..


  1. Ahh, I'm so envious of your haul!

  2. So many of them! The hauls are amazingly WOW! haha I never tried stila before though

  3. wah u can be our NEXT stila shop after it gone hahaha......


  4. eh...miu come u still get to buy the brush ar?? i tot early finish liao.....i wan the powder n blush brush also no more......kns kns jealous liao see ur brushhhhhhhhh T_____________T

    tutu ( J )

  5. it's call:

    don't stop stalking stila counters and harassing the SA for brushes. At BU, they say out of stock but when I ask another SA she took out 3 for me.

    I collected them all in a spam of 2 weeks. 1st day i got the best brushes, 3rd day i took no.15 brushes nobody wanted (i wonder why). Klcc restock i had powder, no.27 & no.24. BU i had no. 27 again.

    haha that's how lah i collected. Actually got more but i already let go them. It was concealer brush, blush brush no.1 and no.15 and 30.

  6. Dear,
    i want the lipshine Sarah & dominique .how to bankin? post to Ampang area.reply me OKAY!

  7. which one u want let it go?

  8. Hi Miu!
    Can u reserve brush #27 and the sheer press powder for me?
    email me the price ok?

  9. I'm so freakin jealous of ur Stila Museum Collection la Miu2, hehhehe =P Need to find sugar daddy a.s.a.p, hahha~ +_+

  10. Hi Miu!

    What a haul!

    I bumped into ur blog whilst googling bout Stila, I wonder whether they r still restocking?

    I'm dying for more smudge pots. *sighs*

  11. Hi Miu,

    I want the Petal Infusion eye makeup remover asap!!! ;-)


  12. oh em gee~!

    thats a great big haul you got there.

    im happy for you. i love looking at haul pics XD

    if they were to have a contest of who hauled most, i think you would win, hands down.

  13. hello miu... can i buy few stila stuff from you pleaseeee?

  14. I applaud your haul... not bad.



  15. mui..

    which want u want to let go?email me ya.. i would like to buy ur lipsticks dominique and lipshine spf20 sarah..any other stuff?

    costumer tetap u..

  16. Miu,
    Forgot to give my email for the Petal Infusion's Eye Make-up remover....My email is


  17. Hi Miu, are you letting go of the Stila lip glaze in pon pon gerbera?
    If you are, I want to buy it from you.

  18. I wanna buy your stila lippy, that's if you are selling them. I cant seem to be able to find you email add. Any COD? I'm in KL area anyway..

  19. wow! so envy of your hauled..made me drooling ...

  20. wowwww ur haul.....
    so many laaa....
    waaaa hihiih ;)

  21. Massive haul!!! Enjoy it. I can't never do such big haul. Somehow I feel happy seeing you collecting Stila's stuffs :)

  22. hi,i want :
    eye makeup remover pad
    treatment powder
    RM115 include poslaju,right?

  23. Miu, did u find me my no. 8 powder brush? Now I only want 1 pc. Let me know ya.

  24. ~so admire ur haul~~i like the treatment powder , e/s empty pallets 6s/8s, brush 30, day and night pallet.~~if u hv extra to let go~~let me know lor~.

  25. Wow thats quite a haul O__o..

    I wanted to buy another illuminating powder in 40Watt when I went to Pavilion last weekend, then they said finished oredi only left the darker colours... haih so sedih T__T

    But that Hydrating Primer does WONDERS to my skin! Maybe coz my skin has been totally effed up due to neglect all these years... but I tooootally love that primer.. good thing I bought and extra one in my stash :D

  26. much is the no8 brush? was it still avail at the counter? O_O

    great haul btw. I'm amazed. haha

  27. Wonder how many face you've...?!! Spoilt Bratz !! Crazy woman

  28. wow! a lot of things! now i just cant wait to get my sarah lipstick! yeay!!!!! miu! plz hurry! huwwwaaa!! i want to feel it! =(

  29. Hi Miu..
    The cherry crush is great..
    Wish i had another tube..
    Is there any product(s) u want to let go..
    I had sent u an e-mail..
    U can reply me there..

  30. when u'll have warehouse sale!

  31. dear miu,

    i'm lynne from shah alam & i'm interested in lipglaze in pon pon gerbera and moschino i love love set. please email me if still in stock. thanks dear.

  32. Hi Lynne,

    what's your email? :(


  33. dear miu,
    lynne again. sorry didn't leave my email address.

  34. Hi, I am interested in the brushes, are you still letting go any?

  35. hi miu, i love stila products n didnt realise they're out of msia, those items u listed the price, u intend to sell them?? how do i make the payment? are all of them still available?

  36. Hi Pamela,

    I am letting go some extra items which is posted under my Hot Items To Let Go link which can be found on the front of my blog. Under What's Hot Miu.

    Only a few items.. coz I love Stila! n now they're gone so sad..


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