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Stila Midvalley Garden's Hauled

I bought these from Midvalley Gardens @ Isetan with VonVon just now! major major collectibles! Tin cans for rm5 each and the pink pouches are rm10 each. I also bought a stila umbrella rm20 & mug rm15. All going into my museum! :D


  1. today gardens restock?
    pink pouch with blusher still left if go tomorow?
    yesterday u hv buy anything at klcc,u say 4pm not yet come stock...

  2. omg miu,

    i wish u will put the stila cans on sale~ gosh so adorable!

    haha i hate being so faraway from kl - im from johor. nice blog, miu. love ur stila stuffs! :D

  3. yah noon time they restock!

    pink pouch still got lots at gardens isetan. I went b4 they close isetan. Tin cans got, pouches got, umbrella got.

    the blusher i bought from klcc, no more already now. Only got 15 today for sale. Very less items tonight at klcc :( the parkson ppl buy already today... and public only get buy at 7pm.

    Anna: wah u from JB? so far :( singapore got luxasia warehouse sale coming soon, got stila there but i duno how cheap it will be.

    if i sell tin can haha got ppl wan buy?!! there's 3 designs only for tin cans :D

  4. five bucks for some milk cans? ish ish ish.

  5. woww...miu,nextime i must visit ur stila meseum,hohoho...
    klcc have re-stock already?planning go to klcc tomorrow for change the mascara...saturday go to gardens...the gardens sa really sombong....the "bao qing tian" face....

  6. wah !!!
    isetan the garden, should i try or no ler ?

  7. babyloveshopping: i know what u mean, was there yesterday night :( sigh..

    go change ur mascara, i hope still got & they let u change.

    ann mah: yes go try, go before open time. got pink pouch, tin cans still.

  8. Jamie...How come I see you living in a place with cardboard boxes lining all hallways and the outsides of all rooms, Miu personal storage warehouse, pretty umbrella also nice mugs! but do you use them or display them????

  9. hey klcc got re-stock ah???

    if they do, do u noe wat are they goin to re-stock??

  10. :)...i got tin can and umbrella.

  11. Miu, we met at Parkson KLCC, the one who adores "Kitten". Do you have any extra mug for sale? Pleaseeeee pleassseeeee say yes :)

  12. emily: yesterday restock cosmetics: lipsticks, lipglazes, e/s, powders, petal infusion range.. all the basicsss

    ann: wahhh.. dapat juga!! u so strong travel!!! really stila fan!

    crazyshopper: Hi Jenny Luvs Kitten! no la sorry babe :( i din grab extra mug. It's quite heavy n i scare pecah if i take extra. U go beli kat Gardens, they still got lah after closing time yesterday.

    Jamie: how do u know that?! can u see from the pics? i'm staring at my pics... wonder how u can guess that? actually i just moved there last year and renovation still not done yet. Dun have much furniture so most things in boxes.

  13. Hi Miu!

    Able to get a #15 nrush for me? Let know me ok?

  14. I have been to warehouse sale in Spore. Bought P&J cosmetic, the price is much more expensive if compare to M'sia warehouse sale.
    But since there is no other option in JB, i will still go and have a look if time allow.

  15. jz now went klcc after anna sui sales...4get bring the mascara..i think they didnt gv me change 1 weeks ady...stila@klcc come many brushes...i saw on thier drawer...hehe ....

  16. miu, din buy the makeup box?? i mange to grab 3 pieces, rm50 per piece hehe...
    selling very fast, i beenther about 30 minutes, more than 10 pieces gone.

  17. Aiyaya, so cheap! But Garden's a little far for me plus i just went there on Tuesday. Does it apply to all Isetan?

  18. hey u have any idea on whether which stila outlets has the talking eyeshadow palletes now or goin to re-stock tht????

    cos i'm dying to get tht =S.....and i don mind which type as long as i could get one.....

    pls reply back, thx....=)

  19. i went to stila @ one U just now. picked up a foundation stick manufactured in may 2005. thts 4 yrs ago. think i should change it?

    As for the SA in gardens, i cannot agree more with u girls, shes too damn snobby for her own good.

  20. like i say lor u are our NEXT stila booth after stila no more in complete lah you.......and dun cry to hard ar.....when stila leave us....>_<""

    GOD my smudge pot gonna leave me....if no more i must go see MAC 'DOG" face sa to buy T.T

    tutu ( J)

  21. tutu: u r one mad stila shopper too! we should make our Stila Club by ourselves and cry together sob sob. Let's go protest...dun close down (just for fun). Smudge pot u have been using? i got only the trio set and not yet use it. Will be my 1st time trying to use this for eyeliner.

    I almost fall off my chair when i read the MA@DOG comment.. HAHAHHAH omg u dam farnee! btw i will be posting ur gift soon yap! standby next week.

    Traclyn: yahh u can do some reviews on it, their lipsticks only rm25 and e/s also rm25. Good time grab, some reviews and for contests! stila gona tutup from msia lioa so.. it's collectibles also! Only Isetan Gardens have stila. Rest in Parkson BU, Pavillion, KLCC.

    Emily: so sorry babe, as at now it depends who order the stock to their counter. KLCC & gardens might have it during restock next week but no guarantee.

    ancient: heyy go change it.. 2005 too long! foundation is applied on ur face somore, it's best to get newer dates than older just for safety. xmau later fungus keluar..

    lotsa ppl complain Gardens SA one kind, but their counter stocks still got for certain item. No choice sometimes.

    paris: me trying to get it babe!! hunting it high n low. I will do my best!

    babyloveshoppin: try! dun give up! the brushes is reserved for buyers. If the buyers dun collect it will be for sale.

    QQ: wah 3 pieces ah? i am trying to buy sob sob. Alot ppl ask me help them buy too but it's so huge how to carry.

  22. miu, do they still have the cans?i want i want.and if they dont,will u sell it to me?hehe

  23. Hi Wyda, u better go buy from stila counters, they're still selling it at rm5 each :)

  24. ok.thanks miu.until when are they having it ?

  25. the items all are until stock last

    and stila counters might close end of april or may :(

    sad..but true..........


  26. definitely those mugs will be stored and kept and later can't be found haha

  27. for the brush..need to try everyday ar ?...hopefully to get the reserved brush that no buyer collect ? % low lor.


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