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  • Converting Boss into Stila Fan


    As soon as I saw the newspapers, I brought my boss to Stila KLCC to grab her face highlighter. She's a Benefit fan, but wasn't happy with Benefit increasing their prices so I recommended her to use Stila especially since now got SALE! Look at her 1st beauty haul from Stila! Damage? RM416! She only wanted a face highlighter (she uses Benefit's High Beam) and she walked out as a Stila Girl!

    I told Lilian to help my boss out with her make up & Lilian got on to servicing her with a makeover and a make up lesson! she also did her eye brows for FREE (unlike Benefit have to pay for brow service). That includes trimming, defining and teaching her how to line it. My boss was impressed and boomed, she grabbed whatever Lilian recommended for her daily make up.

    Hydrating Primer SPF 15 : Specially formulated for dry (or mature) skin. Time released skincare that maintains hydration level. Has anti-aging & hydration benefit. Suitable for all skin types (RM60)

    Perfecting Concealer: full coverage, conceals scars, redness etc. Delicate, semi-matte finish. Suitable for all skin type (RM35)

    All Over Shimmer Liquid Lumizer: instantly lights up your look, lightweight, gives luminosity to skin, last longer compare to powder or cream shimmer. Available in few shades, suitable for all skin (RM40! my boss was HAPPY coz Benefit's High Beam cost RM104 now).

    Eyeshadow Pot Cream: highly recomended (it's like creaseless eyeshadow). My boss using it as a eye base before using eyeshadows (RM35)

    Kajal Eye Liner: In tiger's eyes (dark brown). Lilian recomended her to use a light, easy to draw on kohl eye liner as my boss's eye skin area is delicate (RM35)

    Eye Brow Pencil: Comes with a brow brush! Easy to draw on. It was cheap so my boss bought to try! (RM25 & RM20)

    Brush No. 28: Lucky my boss bought this! because it's only RM40!!! it's a smudge eye liner!

    I also bought the eye brow pencil and I asked Dee to get it too! lucky for us it was the last one for Dee and we bought refills for it. The applicator comes with a brow brush (RM25) but no pencil, have to buy separetely (a.k.a then pencil u see in the pic? it's also refill RM20).

    With these price slash, you can match it to pharmacy cosmetic prices already! Thank you STILA!


    1. Miu, i'm looking for the Smuge Pot?
      Do you have exra?

    2. sorry joey :( i din take extra for smudge pot.....

    3. hi Miu. I read ur blog almost everyday. I link you in my blog. Hope you can link me too..


    4. smudge pot set ady finished = =

    5. Dear,
      Having fun with your blog,nice sharing,luckily as your fans!
      once i know this sales,i straight away goto stila Pavillion.
      Almost finish thier stock!
      i sapu Lipstick RM 25x5 smudge pot RM70x1set lipglazeRM45x3 anglelightx1 eyepalletRM70,lippalletRM60...spend nearly1k.
      i'm so happy.
      but the sales girl told me that Stila will no more at Malaysia!!!
      what a bad news! FROM:JUNE

    6. chirlyn: at BU still got i think, yesterday one fren go there buy.

      cutecarry: ok babe!

      June: wah! not bad ur buys, the palette r very good buy u know!!i ishhshshs.... smudge pot u got? now lotsa ppl wan buy it.. habis liaoo i should grab banyak! but i scare to use smudge pot so i bought 1 set to try only. I spent 2k.. die lah me... sob sob..wish citibank got installment interest free payment then good lah.

      IT"S REALLY BAD NEWS! I HOPE ITS NOT TRUE....................

    7. Wah!so happy u reply me
      actually i also dunno how to use the Smudgepot loh..but buy or regret! definitely i will buy frist!
      thatswhy i die liao... spend so much.
      Hope can c u at Dior warehouse,u will go at 1st day?
      Sorry for my lousy english...i am 12years chinese school educated.paiseh... paiseh...
      this is my Email: june22june@gmail.com

    8. June: haha! i so happy u comment! u also duno how to use? i heard smudge pot so best best.. so.. sigh just like u, buy or regret. 2 options. LOL..

      i can't go DIOR.. i will kena lokap by police for failing to settle credit card!!! haha.. but if lotsa girls ask me go help them buy, probably i will drop by on 1st day, take 1/2 day leave or something. Other than that my stila will last me few years already! sob sob

      ty for ur email :)

    9. miu, u got to go to DIOR's. we all mau pesan laa. hehehe


    10. Babe, i am new to ur blog and im loving it.

      Anyway, is the stila sale still on? If yes, id better hurry.

    11. oh gasp! im kicking me self for not reading ur feeds. haiz. i hope im not too late :D thanks for the info :)


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