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Latest Sightings at Stila KLCC

I was at Stila KLCC this morning with my boss after finishing up work nearby. She dropped in to ask how to do smoky eye tutorial using the brushes & the emerald smoky eye palette that she bought last week. While she was doing that, I looked through the leftover stash of their last restock. There's Pomegranate Smudge Pot for rm40 (slightly more expensive than the rm35 smudge pots on sale), the Pomegranate Crush that I heard was out of stock already and the convertible mascara (also sold out already). A couple nice sets and palettes were gone by now but I bought the Bronzer set at rm150 & pearl palette at rm95 which came in few days ago and it's out of stock already today.

the pearl palette rm95 (retails rm190)
the casing is made of mother of pearl
and the e/s are made of crushed pearls!!!

I swatched using the sample palette
(white gold already kena infected by other colors)

The Bronzer Set rm150 that I bought few days ago
(it has actual size bronzer, baked trio e/s, 
lipglaze and mini smudge pot in black+mini brush)

I rather have this set instead of bronzer

the gift of glow

I heard all this will be at BU tomorrow. Maybe should go n take a look? Anybody seen the gift of glamour? 


  1. miu, if u going to Bu, boleh tolong i beli satu set bronzer kah ?

  2. ok ok but not sure if i goin BU or not tomorrow :(

  3. Miu!!!

    Help me to buy the make up case...i'm sick...uwaa...

    if got the pearl palette also i want...hehe

    See whether tomorrow can go to the metrojaya sale or not....

  4. heyhey miu....u got the bronzer set too!!!hehehehe.....but i knew u'll sure get it wan, cos ...... told me...XD hahahaha....btw, the mini smudge pot all diff wan hoh???cos i bought mine and i gotten the copper smudge pot in it...XD

  5. Miu
    Shirley ann cakap dia ade pigi BU wor. I blh minta dia tolong if dia ade pigi.

  6. Miu, I just came back from BU, aiyo the SA dun want to bring out semua la..till today die just bring out the holiday set..aiyo soo kedekut the SA..but tommorrow i'm going back to BU..

  7. MIUUUU!! U'RE CRAZY!!! Hehehe.. soooo manyyyy stila stuffs!!!! O.M.G!

  8. miu..
    i want the bronzer set also..
    can help me??

    email me..(",)

  9. i check if they're still selling or not :(

  10. Miu, can you find out whether BU is selling gift of glow as Im interested to get that.
    Plus im staying too far away from BU.
    Will it be possible for you to get it for me?

    My email add:


  11. I'm not sure BU selling or not but I'm goin KLCC tonight to check out the stocks.

    I can't promise to get coz no $$ already. Waiting everyone to pay me. Their gaji not yet come.

  12. Hi Miu,

    I understand your problem. I dont mind giving you the money in advance. Let me know how to contact you if you dont mind getting it for me.

    Im planning to go to KLCC tonite too, if they do have it tonite then I can get for myself. Im just afraid if they dont have it and only available in BU :(

    Many thanks


  13. underseestannndddddd! :)

    but i dun dare take money first as i can't confirm got stock or not..

    so if got stock, i shall reserve for u, put a note that your name JCLUES ok.. u better gimme ur phone number..

  14. Hi Miu...

    If you're going to go for another Stila haul, please do check if they have the Angel Light compact casing for me please!! I intended to go tomorrow morning, but i got really sick today and am now blog-hopping in my hospital bed coz i can't seem to fall asleep... huhu. Just proves that one can only plan, but its only up to God if we can get to do it... huhuhu :(

  15. miu,
    i really2 want to buy the smudge pot trio..pls pls pls plsssss sell only 1 to me..pls miu..pls miu,i'm begging you..pls



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