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AMBP Star Trek Movie Preview

It's confirmed. I am invited to the AMBP Star Trek event this Friday at 1utama. Also I will be joining the Blogger's Interview session at Studio V! so exciting but I feel so exhausted now with so many things to keep track off besides my work. Anyway I will be watching the movie on Friday so I will not watch the Tuesday's movie preview with my readers. I am still sending and waiting confirmation from some girls about it. Spaces are limited so I am trying my best to accomodate everyone.


  1. AMBP hidup semula!
    Mana travel package and review invitation kita tuuu???
    Takde berita sampai sekarang pun?
    Dah nak dekat setahun ni...
    Nama je cantik: AMBP Travel Ambassador
    Tapi habuk pun takde! :(

  2. I bought my calvin klein escape from and get free stilla lip glaze stick. I juz main-main cuba letak kat bibir tapi punyalah kering lip glaze tu.
    merekah sekejap


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