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  • Benefit Increasing their Prices


    I've received an sms few days ago from BENEFIT saying Benefit Cosmetics will increase its prices starting 1st April, 2009 (today). At this point if you're a Benefit user you'll be screaming now with words like "WHY WHY WHY?". How much will they increase? I think u can safely say 10%? but I wouldn't count on that bcoz that's what Stila told me last year and suddenly their lip glaze boomed from rm65 to rm90 (current price). I was already damn piss with the Stila price increased. They can match the high end luxury brands like Chanel, Christian Dior or MAC. In the States, Benefit & Stila cosmetic websites features seasonal promotions with price slashes, discounts, free delivery, package bonuses and gifts with purchases. Over here in Malaysia, you'll be begging your SA to give you a sample for free. Touching on this anyone notice Benefit in Malaysia is kinda stingy? they rarely have promotion and they don't have gifts for purchases unlike other cosmetic brands.

    Benefit Cosmetics Comes to Malaysia
    Offering one-of-a-kind beauty solutions for women
    (with one of a kind prices too)

    Benefit is already, I repeat ALREADY DAMN EXPENSIVE in Malaysia (check out the prices at MalaysianBabes forum) and they're only barely 3 years old here! (launch on 14th August, 2006 Parkson KLCC). Our economy isn't going all flowers and sunshine too! there are people getting retrenched, 10% pay cut, etc! and hello here is your Benefit Cosmetics by Starlight Cosmetics increasing it's products by 10%. I hope they can justify this price increase.

    Who will and will not suffer from this?

    • Student - complain and resort to online buying/sprees/etc to cut cost.
    • Middle class - complain but probably still buy or resort to other means of purchase.
    • Rich Folks - 10%? mosquito bite only
    • The Poor - $%^%&&^&**(*())&%#$%^&* and maybe resorts to making their own Benefit cosmetics in their kitchen & I hope it becomes successful and conquer the market with cheaper more affordable Made in Malaysia cosmetics.
    • Filthy Rich Beyond Your Dreams class - what price increase? here's a tip.
    • The non-benefit users - OMG now how am I going to try Benefit now???
    and of course there is the Miu type class (sales-holic):
    • forgo all retail shopping & wait for warehouse sales
    My Benefit Warehouse Sales Experience can be found here:
    With prices like this and companies thinking we Malaysians are minting money out from out own backyard, we should let Benefit a.k.a Starlight Cosmetics know we're not happy with this price increase. I doubt they'll do anything but at least let them know we the consumers are not happy and if the prices of cosmetics keep rising up there is always Ordering from Online & Resorting to buying from staff prices or warehouse sales.


    1. haha miu, am so gona agree w ur "who will not suffer from this" part. Jst wait till they got no bizness, they gona close their shop.

      U know the shop Acca Kappa, my god, their brushes like make wonders on ur hair, after brush hair become smooth n slick. So tempted to get, but one brush is 100rm, so exp. If u google Acca kappa n read on their company then u know why the brushes so exp.

    2. ooomg... i jst planning to get stuff from..benefit...(i'm not benefit user...but i feel like to try it once) but...urghhh they increased the price...i must say..so long & good bye...

    3. Yes, I agree with you about their STINGINESS!!!! Like I wrote in my blog - STINGY AND GREEDY!!!

      You buy a few hundred Ringgit and all they give is not even a sample (packet-type) but I've gotten their so-called 'samples' squeeeeezed out from their testers and put into a small 'sample' container. My God! From Estee Lauder, my favourite brand, their price increase not so scary, may be like up to RM10 only, and whenever I buy anything from them, I don't have to ask for free gifts, they'll willingly give me some skincare samples and even perfume samples.


    4. I think i will not buying product who increase the price.
      i use Skinfood ,ettude, Simple skincare or cosmetic.
      they are good and affortable price!!!
      Mui should try .

    5. miu miu miu - they didn't point a gun to your head and asked you to buy. just boycott from buying, in fact, if everyone boycotted it, very soon, the price will come down.

      in the meantime, my mom swear by plain ole soap and hazeline snow and she was practically wrinkle free until her mid-50s!!! talk about skin-care!!!

    6. yesh! benefit and stila are so so so overpriced in Malaysia. even Coach too. sigh. why can't we have the price like the States? :(

    7. eeee.i wanted to buy benefit georgia blush!!!!now duno increase how much..sigh..but seriously..thier benetint posietint.is good...cant leave without it la...price increase!!!!!btw..any1 know thier actual price??how much they increase.T_T

    8. Thanks for the heads up. Now I lagi no reason to try some more of their products.. :P

      Incidentally, finished the Boo Boo Zap liao. Verdict? Not something I would buy in a hurry. Thanks for letting me try it out.

    9. good entry, Miu!
      Ive got a friend who is working in this industry told me this is their marketing strategy..its pricey on the counter so they can sell cheaper during warehouse clerance sales...

    10. I've only one item of benefit, it is Rush Hour lipstick and I cant live without them now...Just planned to get something next month for my wedding...no I have to re-plan everything!!!sob..sob.. T-T

    11. Yes......no more benefit after this....since our economy turn down, i am more selective. Cannot afford anymore....plzz la benefit....don't be so greedy.....

    12. This is why I never buy Benefit here. I only buy them online. *&%?***^%!!! Girls, let's BOYCOTT Benefit, so that they'll know that we gorgeous consumers are more than just a pretty face!


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