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Kenny Rogers Roasters Health Watch!


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I'm going to join this contest to slim down! From what I heard from Chloe of GetActive gym, it's free for those selected into this challenge. Eat Kenny Rogers & exercise for free! Not only that, get to win prizes as well if manage to slim down.. hahaha!! I will update this post soon with more info as I'm uh busy now working :)

Details of this Contest:


» ROASTERS Health Watch started off in year 2005 and has been running successfully for 4 consecutive years (It was named as ROASTERS Weight Watch before 2007).

» ROASTERS Health Watch is open to any healthy pair (a group of 2) with a body mass index of 28 and above

» Each registrants must be medically fit to perform the exercises in the program

» 8 pairs will be selected to take part in an 8-week diet and fitness program

» The exercise program that is designed by your personal fitness coach, GetActive include: 1) Customized Personal Training program once a week that must be attended in pairs. 2) Participants must attend a minimum of two (2) Group Exercise classes a week at their own time preference.

» Each pair will battle against each other at a mini fitness challenge at the finale. Additional points from this challenge will be added to the points gained throughout the 8-week diet and fitness program.

» The diet program, designed by a dietician, will consist of a set of practical food intake suitable for the average Malaysian which will include Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) meals, whereby participants are required to dine at any identified KRR restaurants at least 3 times a week.

Prizes include meal vouchers from Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, exclusive fitness training programmes courtesy of Get Active and GINTELL items including G-Pro Unique Comfy Massage Chair for the grand prize winner.

to register click here

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  1. ermmm i dont have partner 28 above BMI..

    anyone wants to be my partner?
    my BMI is 30

    emel me at Zephyrantic@yahoo.com


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