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Movie Review The Unborn


Ok this is the second movie review on a "horror/ghost" movie. You might be wondering why Miu is watching so many stupid horror ghost films. Well that's easy because I watched almost all the good shows and these are the ones left to watch when I was waiting for the jam to subside at KLCC after Stila Stalkings. Yah, u think rushing to work to go Stila counters is easy and coming back from KL is a piece of cake? no sireee.. u gotta wait for the jam to be over so the taxi's won't hike the fare to get u home. These "taxi" men are so notorious in KL. One of them even dared to charge me rm40 just to go home from KLCC to Mont Kiara! I slammed the door in his face, was so dam piss off.

Back to the movie. Unborn is another crap horror movie that wasted my time. Well it's just like any pseudo-exorcism movie story. It started like any other you, happy life, suddenly things change and u suspect something horrible, a being from the underworld trying to get you or your life. You find ways to get rid of it, and eventually will try exorcism by some Pastor or voodoo guy. Bla end of story. Yes this kind of movie is so easy to predict HOHOHOHO.

The only thing i notice about the actress in the movie is, she's such a tall pretty girl in each and every scene it makes u think this is not a horror movie but a modelling-horror-movie. Walking around in her undies makes her stand out too. I can hear guys in the cinema going "OH OH OH!!!". Guys.. cheh.

I rate this 2 out of 5.


  1. When I first saw the trailer, I thought the storyline was stupid =(

  2. so u didn't watch it ah!

    i thought unborn was a remake of the japanese/chinese version of unborn. That was spoky.

  3. I watched it, not nice at all. I think the camera focus too much on the sexy gal la.. i think the movie angle is all on her.

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