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Movie Review: The Uninvited


I watched this movie on Friday night and was expecting something a little more different from what I bargained for after seeing the trailer. I do like the young actresses in the movie, they have very nice skin I must say! I thought this was a ghost film but you will be suprised at the ending! sorry to spoil it huhu. Don't waste your time on it, it's just another "GOT U THERE DIDN'T I?" movie. Rent a DVD and save your money on Transformers 2.

Read on if you like spoilers:

This little girl just got out of a mental hospital as she was traumatized by her mother's death. Apparently she attempted to suicide so that's how she landed in that hospital. When the doctor says she could go home, she was so happy and all. Her dad pick her up and only to spoil the whole mood when she arrived home seeing their "nurse" who took care of their sick and dying mother welcoming her back like a new slut (pardon my language, that's the best way to describe her).

Well then her big sister Alex is also in on the "hate the new dad's gf" political party and they go on to investigate how their mom died in the freak fire accident, bla bla bla and there was scenes of "ghosts" haunting her. Her crush is a handsome young man who also died after "trying to tell her about something". OMY Dad's GF is a whoring murderer out to get them too (obvious from the trailer).

by the end of the movie it's like the "Sixth Sense". By this everything u have seen or know about the movie is utter bullshiat and there's no ghosts. There was a lot of sound effects and "flashes of ghosts" to freak your date out but it's all meaningless bull once the movie end.

HOHOHO so are u going to watch? she did get rid of her dad's gf after all, which I am quite happy about. I rate this 2 out of 5 for OMG u got me there.


  1. I love this one. Good story line. Is not a ghost movie. heheh Seldom see horror movie as good as this esp comes from America. haha

  2. The Uninvited is a horror movie. This movie is about the fight of wills between two sisters and their stepmother.This movie is very interesting movie .


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