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Neutrogena's WAVE


Bought this from Perth, Australia. It's a new facial deep cleanser gadget introduced by Neutrogena just launch in Australia, so I bought 1 to try. Cost me AUD 19.90 (intro price AUD 16.99 but I think over already). Instructions behind box! looks easy hehe.

Looks like the pads already has the deep cleanser liquid inside? all I need to do is stick it on the gadget that's got like lycra or something, holds the pad there firmly. Then I just run it through water to get the pads foaming and press a button. It's kinda like a vibrator!!!

deep cleansing my face now

vibrates & starts foamin soapy cleanser on my face
(not very foamy though)

can also use on my nose
(which is full of blackheads! need to kill it haha)

I massage it aroud my face and it's very coolin
(like got menthol? but not burning sensation like menthol)

enjoyin the face massage haha

Havin fun with new gadget, good for headache massage haha!!! while doing was thinking i can use my own cotton pads put cleanser on it and stick on the gadget (when i run out of it's foaming pads, Malaysia dun sell haha)

tada! finish! suprisingly very soft my skin!!!

skin feel a bit tight though :(

But quite happy with the overall results! Feels like all the dirt come out already from face, though I don't think it's meant for removing blackheads (i am dreamin it does haha). Put on face serum/moisturiser or a mask after it to hydrate face! It's baby soft now, I am impressed.


  1. hihi so cute aaa u :D

    i wish this neutrogena wave is here...in m'sia... hihi..

  2. Your face look brighter!!!

  3. Hihi!! I m back!
    I saw it whn i was there too.
    This thing cought my eye too.. but i dint buy it at the end...
    hope u enjoy it...

  4. OMG. borrow me OKKKK
    i saw in TV advert at Aus.

  5. it will comin to malaysia.. I pray!!!!

  6. I saw it in Singapore TV advertisment yesterday.i think it will be arriving in Malaysia very soon. Dont know the price will be cheaper or not in Malaysia?

  7. i love that one!
    but i dont think that now in malaysia have this.but i wish have.
    i love this one because of its spokesman~because is vanessa hudgens!~high school musical~~i love her!


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