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RMK Base Make Up Workshop


Received an e-mail from Parkson Elite inviting me to register for the RMK Base Make Up Workshop - Learning how to apply foundation like a pro!. I'm beginning to love being a Parkson Elite member now. I have been getting workshop and sales invitations from Parkson Elite. This latest invitation is for RMK, a Japanese cosmetics brand that's been around for 12 years and was launched in Malaysia in September, 2007.

I called up to register just now and got a spot. However they're unsure of the "time" at the moment and will call me to confirm the details. I wonder if there's more to it then base, foundation and powder? Is there a more professional way to apply it? I am so curious now. So far, I love Stila's make up base, will RMK's famous liquid foundation be better? I heard so mucha bout it. Time to try it out.

If you're a Parkson Elite member, do give it a go at this workshop. It's free for one thing, you get to learn how to apply foundation like a Pro! (as stated in the mailer) and there is a door gift worth rm150 too. Hopefully they don't CANCEL SUDDENLY because of UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES like how YSL DID.

Event Date: 25th April, 2009
Time: to be confirmed
Venue: Level 4, Personal Shopper Room, Parkson Pavilion


  1. rmk creamy foundation is better than liquid foundation...

  2. I tried RMC eye shadow and I dont like it that much, it is not sticking to the skin and not last so long as well....and I tried their foundation too...and I dont like it as much...hehehe...so miu, stick to your stilla (bad news if they will close in Malaysia soon)...but wont harm trying the RMK if it is free....

  3. Hi Miu!

    i m now using their make up base and liquid foundation, like them very much. u should try them if u like more natural and light makeup.their price in malaysia is alsmost the same as in japan's counter.i bought some from japan before.
    Their skin care is so so only. I use their moisturizer and scrub. the scrub is really good. Very very gentle and gives a good result.

  4. i heard the rmk liquid foundation & make up base were best seller in japan 2 years ago! wanna try it but not so fast until i finish my current foundation~

  5. the workshop is confirmed with 2 time slots, i heard it received really good response and the seats are all filled! thank goodness i called earlier :)

    i managed to find out that we will also be learning some makeup tips. can't wait!

  6. i used RMK cosmetics about half year. i like it so much. i am using the skintuner, face protector, liquid foundation and base mat. i tried the cheek blusher before but not so good.

  7. Wow seriously, FREE for Parkson Elite members? U sound like a satisfied PE memberlah, Miu. U think it's worth it to be a member? Coz I'm considering about it.


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