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Shiseido Sale


A little bird (aka Chirlyne & Paris88) told me about this. Shiseido is having a 50% sale off selected items (Macquilage range 50% only nail color,eyeshadow pallete,lipstick,lipgloss. After discount is RM17-RM56). Seems in Parkson u can buy it straight at that discounted price. If u need more info u can ask Chirlyne or Paris88. After April, prices back to normal.


  1. beside those listed by Miu,
    other 50% discount item include lip essence and nail protect.
    I have bought both of them.
    Lip essence is very good oh!

  2. Gosh Shiseido pulak~ yikes!!! I'd really like to try the Maquillage range, but not much moolah lah now. Coz need to stock on stila. Heheee

  3. i bought Macquilage comb mascara rm40 and lipstik rm39 only at metrojaya midveli yesterday


  4. *palms forehead*

    Damn it, first Stila now Shiseido. I dun have $$ already T_T. Why everyone is having sale di month? My wallet can't take it!! >_<

  5. where's the sales? any shiseido counter? i wanna get lipstick.

  6. according the girls, any counter.

    Better go Parkson just to be safe.

  7. What if other state shiseido counters?
    Currently in Melaka =)
    Oh ya, may I know the lip essence how much ya?
    Thx for the info

  8. lip essence after discount is rm32

  9. what about shiseido counter at jusco ? do i need to buy something first b4 being entitled to the 50% disc?

  10. ya as confirmed by chirlyn n paris :)

    thurs last day already @_@


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