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The Stila 2007 Holiday Catalogue


Have you seen their Stila Catalogues before?

When Stila first started in Malaysia, they actually gave their members catalogues for up and coming cosmetics. It'll be in a cute mini catalogue where u can get it from the counter or it will be delivered to your home by post. I have been receiving quite a few for the past years but my dad threw them away. I have a whole stack of 2007 Stila Holiday Catalogues and it features some of the items we're buying now at the Stila Clearance. Since last year, Stila Malaysia has discontinue printing catalogues out (sigh cut cost?) and I was very dissapointed about it. I have the old catalogue which I will be showing here and it's before the 2008 price hike!

the gift of glow & the gift of glamour

gift of glaze

stila swarouski xmas palettes
stila trio xmas palettes
in cool & warm

stila xmas cheek color duo
stila xmas lip glaze

stila must haves

stila must haves

Stila multi-effect mascara & liquid eye liner

long wear lip color & eyelashes!
(with adhesive also!)

stila smokey eye palette
stila contouring palette

this is when they launched their member card

and they have roadshow information too

they also let u know what's in store if u spend $XXX
(has anyone seen them sellin the weekender bag yet?)

Hope u enjoy their catalogues :) i have one whole stack of 2007 stila catalogues! the rest of the years my dad throw liao sigh. 


  1. hehe..mee like the catalouges too !! tapi some item i didn't see at the counter wor..(e.g:false eyelash, xmas cheek colr duo..etc ler).

  2. Hey Miu, yups the pic is not too clear, bronzing kit is RM180 or 190? I can't see too clearly

  3. sorry i scan tomorrow so that it will be clear.

    it's rm180 2007 price

    2008 already naik harga i think..

    u can click on the images for larger pic

  4. Wahhh, then selling now at RM150 is not really heavily discounted....cis!

  5. i used to keep these catalogs too. but i may have thrown them away when i moved house. maybe i should've kept them :p

  6. Those are lovely catalogue! Yeah I hardly saw any of it being displayed? Well I myself only started into makeups early last year. I was a student back then, so stila was way kinda outta my budget. It still is now! And now look what happened? Cosmetics shouldn't be too expensive to begin with. Will Benefit suffer the same fate?? *o*

  7. Hi Miu, what a coincidence.. I was just looking at those catalogues few days ago. Yes, last time they used to mail it to me, after that no more already. Anyway I still keep them :)


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