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Stila Kitten Silk Shimmer Gloss


Smitten with Kitten
Stila's Kitten Eye Shadow is the quintessential cult classic. The famously shimmery, alluringly warm nude-pink shade (that many say defines the word "glow") has been declared a must-have by beauty editors worldwide. Created from a proprietary blend of three different shades of pearl, the oft-imitated shade flatters all skintones and imparts a candle-lit incandescence anywhere you put it - by Sephora.

Today I'm going to wear Kitten Lip Gloss!

My kitten collection is not complete as I only have the kitten silk eye wash & kitten lip gloss which I have fallen in love with. It was expensive the other time but now with the sales, I could afford to keep a few for my collection. Though I feel it might not be enough but my pocket just can't hold out anymore.

Kitten is Stila's award wining shade!

here I have kitten silk shimmer gloss

The packaging is so lovely, different from other stila lip gloss! it comes in this transluscent tube with flowery print on the side. Comes with a lip brush inside. I showed some girls my lip gloss and demo on their hand. It's definitely not a let down for the lip balm & vanilla lovers. If you're looking for a dramatic shade, you can always apply after your lipstick shade for a touch of shimmery luscious glamour.

it smells heavenly! if u love vanilla :)

it's a nude pink shimmer gloss
(it made my lips so luscious!)

This lipgloss is so rich and moisturizing! It leaves a natural healthy glow on my lips with shimmers and a hint of pink. You can use it to balance out strong eye makeup for a beautiful, natural lip finish. Yes I love this lip gloss so much, I'll probably go buy more of it to keep.


  1. i luv vanilla...i obsess about vanilla..how come i didn't notice this darling before?

    how much is it babe?
    still got at the counter not?

    i wanna!!!

  2. eh i din show u that day ke harim? :(

    this wed klcc restock again! so better go check it out got or not.

    I hearing rumors it's last restock for certain counters. I hope klcc is not the last restock!

  3. i have this too..:) yup i like it, its vanilla and nice.. also the banana lipglaze, just love it!

  4. Please write a review for silk eye wash in kitten.TQ

  5. OMG another restock @ KLCC? Thankx Miu for the insider info. Perhaps I gonna go there this Wed, I still havent got my hands on d lipglaze.

    Again Miu,u r doin it again! You persuade us d innocent readers to buy more stila. ;P

  6. harim, it's RM45. Gardens still selling. i've been there twice over a span of few weeks and they still have it!
    hope you get yours soon :)

  7. thanx girls for sharing ..

    c u girls at stila klcc this wed..i'll be there for sure!


  8. HarimHamdan- Guess I'll c u this Wed? Hehee coz I'll most def be there.

    Shirley ann- rm45 @ rm40? Coz if Im not mistaken, las Sat I asked the SA @ BU counter, she said rm40.But I had no moolah that time ._.
    Wahhh ur so lucky u got the Lip Glaze!!! I've been 2 3 counters so far,all xdak stok.

  9. Lovely girls: the banana lipglaze i din buy, dun like banana! hehe but love the kitten lip gloss!

    anonnymous: will do, but i am not a big fan of eyeshadows. However kitten silk wash is kinda interesting.. will do that soon.

    Jojoba: Ops Baby One More Time!!! kekeke.. noo u all buy already dun go lah, this is for those who still haven't got chance to buy :)

    harim: yes it's rm45, i bought so many already. If really rm40 i gona kill vincent.

  10. Heheh but I still havent got what I'm lusting after; THE stila lip glazeee! And the Cherry Crush. I seriously want those 2 products but so far always gone. =( Besides,I havent tried stila KLCC yet. ;p

  11. oh no.. u better go grab tomorrow at klcc stila :( they restocking..

  12. Too bad! Stila KLCC still DIDNT restock today!!!! Aiyoh such a waste la, my fault for not checking it on ur blog 1st. Perhaps I'm gonna go there again tomorrow. BU also restock yea 2moro? What about Gardens? Since Gardens d most comfortable 4 me to go.


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