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Stila up to 70% OFF!


try to guess what's my damage

The secret is out. Girls get ready, crack the piggy bank if u need to. We may never know if such a sale would come back again. Starting today for a week, all Stila counters in Malaysia is having a 50-70% off on their cosmetics. Even brushes are 70% off and you can get palettes at RM70! imagine that? this BEATS WAREHOUSE SALES because in warehouse sales only selected items are being brought out to sell. With this current sale, EVERYTHING IS ON THE TABLE FOR U (while stock last).

Does it sound scary? Why is STILA doing this? Luxasia what's going on? Why the sudden bomb drop on the big discount? Stila KLCC was SWAMPED and MOBBED by people and the poor Beautician have to fend it with the help of Parkson workers and some help from other counters! Everyone was rushing putting up updated price tag, searching high and low for products and colors for customers. I was so worried that customers may complain too coz there's just too many questions and too many people waiting to be served! I can see black faces already! People do understand it only started today and there's only 1 helpless lady trying to manage it all. I heard that Stila is changing management, hence the sale. Looks like it was from Estee Lauder to Luxasia to who's next? tension!!! My friend Fui Yin text me and said Stila going to TUTUP in MALAYSIA. OMG which is true???

Anyway my damage is so crazy you might faint from hearing it. Let me know if u went, what's left and what you bought! SHARE THE INFO as I have shared mine!

do u know this is rm70 now?
(comes with a mini brush too!)


  1. hi,miu2molo u have go?
    can help me buy that smudge pot?
    but why friday i go klcc parkson,didnt heard stila sales?

  2. miu ar the stila is for 1 week sales rite from 5 april onward? where else can found stila ? beside klcc one? or only klcc one have this discount?

    jennifer ( tutu)

  3. jennifer(tutu):

    In the klang valley these r the stores:

    KLCC Parkson
    Pavillion Parkson
    1utama Parkson
    Brem Mall, Kepong?
    Metrojaya Mid Valley (heard tutup liao)

  4. I went to the 1utama counter.. overheard the last few eye liner smudge pots were only there. Wanted the powder brush but was told no longer have stock so no need to book for it. The saleslady said will be on sale until end of May or out of stock. Popular items and popular colours all are finished there. I managed to buy some stuff I tried in the workshop last time. :)

  5. Hi Miu!
    any lip glaze to let go?


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